Allcor Laminates

From it's earliest days as a PVC laminates manufacturer, Allcor has developed an enviable reputation for our design, quality and colors. We proudly boast the latest colors and designs which will make you shine from our PVC laminates. Distinctive colors and designs allow you to feel the difference when selecting for all types of suitable applications. Our latest range comprises of solid colors, wood grains and directional patterns inspired by marbles and granite that captures the natural stone look. As a premium supplier throughout India, we not only provide the latest color and design, also our quality is manufactured to the highest standards which is better for the life we live in.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the benchmark in the laminates industry in terms of quality, technology and services with our design will make you shine.

Our Vision

To attract and attain customers with our colour core decorative PVC laminates with excellent services and the most satisfying ownership experience in the laminates industry.